bigstock-Medical-question-concept-20888747Q. How much does it cost to see a cardiologist in the rooms for a consultation, short revisit or in-rooms procedure?

The fee for consultations varies depending on what you are going to have done. Ring the booking line: 02 96332244. If you have your referral letter from your GP, the staff will ask what has been requested. They will tell you how much the consultation and any procedures cost. They can also discuss how you will pay. See http://www.specialistservices.com.au/ for more information. Remember, you should discuss your needs as a pensioner, health care cardholder or low-income earner with your cardiologist or the doctor’s assistant.

Q. How much will a hospital procedure cost?

Every procedure has a different cost associated with it. Some doctors seek to ensure that angiograms and angioplasty performed in hospital are done so under the ‘no-gap’ agreement available with many health funds. You should check with your health fund to see what costs may be associated with your specific cover.

Q. Will Medicare or my health-fund cover everything?

Your health fund will cover the costs of your private hospital unless they have exclusions or gap payments. You should always ring your health fund to ensure you are covered. In the rooms, there is a gap. You are required to pay the full fee and then Medicare will provide you with a rebate. Credit cards are accepted.

Q. How do I pay?

The rooms accept cash or credit. You will be asked to pay on the day of consultation. Pensioners, Health Care cardholders and low-income earners should discuss their needs with the cardiologist or the cardiologist’s assistant.

Q. Where does Dr Flood treat inpatients?

Dr Flood has inpatients at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital.

Q. What do I do if I think I am having a heart attack?

You should call an ambulance immediately. If you are privately insured and you are a patient of Dr Flood’s or have been recommended Dr Flood, ask them to take you to the Sydney Adventist Hospital or Norwest Private. Tell them you are Dr Flood’s patient.

If you are taken to another hospital, please advise them that you are Dr Flood’s patient. Ask the hospital to contact Dr Flood so that relevant information about your care can be provided.

Q. Will I have all tests done on one day?

Many people find it is easier to complete tests conducted in the rooms on one day, however, choices are often determined by availability and suitability for the patient.

Q. How soon after heart treatment can I resume normal sexual activity?

It depends on the procedure. If you are told that you should limit exercise after a procedure, such as with a pacemaker or bypass surgery, then you should wait until this recommended time has lapsed, otherwise let your body be your judge. Talk to your GP or Dr Flood after your procedure if you are unsure.

Q. Can I receive a copy of my results?

Yes, if requested.

Q. Do I have to return to the rooms to see Dr Flood to get results back?

Yes, if it is a part of the treatment. Dr Flood’s policy is to discuss your continuing care in person and answer any questions that you may have at this ‘short revisit’. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Q. What are these new CARDIAC CT scans I keep hearing about in the media? What benefits or pitfalls are there?

There are several Cardiac CT scanners in Sydney. The CT scan requires an injection and most patients find it painless. It does not require sedation.

These scans offer patients another step in diagnosis. They are particularly useful for patients who are found to have healthy coronary arteries, because these patients do not then have to go through angiography. (Unless they develop heart disease at a later date)

If the scan comes back positive for coronary heart disease, however, an angiogram will still need to be performed on the patient in order to progress to procedures such as angioplasty and stenting.

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