CT Angiogram

bigstock-Doctor-With-Tablet-Computer-36103063There are many reasons that Dr Flood will send you for a CT angiogram. He will discuss these with you on an individual basis.

What is a CT Angiogram?

A ‘CT Angiogram’ is a test that is sometimes completed on patients who have some of the signs or predispositions of coronary artery disease, but do not initially need to undergo more invasive angiography.

A Cardiac CT is a painless test that uses an x-ray machine to take detailed pictures of your heart. Unlike a traditional angiogram, a catheter is not threaded through your blood vessels to your heart. As a result, CT angiograms don’t require the recovery time of a traditional angiogram.

Why Not a CT Angiogram?

CT Angiograms will expose you to a small amount of radiation. Therefore, if the likelihood of a narrowing of the arteries is significant, it is often more viable to undergo a traditional angiogram procedure first: If the results of a ‘CT angiogram’ show obstructions in your arteries, you may need to continue on to have a more traditional coronary angiogram before moving on to angioplasty.

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